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Mental Residue - Balticon 48 Panel: Print On Demand

Mental Residue – Balticon 48 Panel: Print On Demand

Featuring: Charlie Brown (Moderator), Ian Randal Strock, and Scott E. Pond

Topic: Print On Demand - What do you need to know to move from just eBooks to paperbacks?

Play the Episode:

Download the Episode (Right Click to Save): http://scottpond.com/MentalResidue/MR_2014-05-23-B.mp3


CharlieCharlie Brown - Writer, filmmaker and podcaster Charlie Brown runs Mojotooth Productions from New…

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Essay: They’re All Gonna Laugh At You!

Essay: They’re All Gonna Laugh At You!

Scott-Pond-Designs-Ad-904x1200NOTE: A post and its stream of comments over at Nathan Shumate’s site, LousyBookCovers.comsparked the below essay. In the post, he responded to a message that an anonymous author sent to him about his site, making claims of hate mongering and bullying. Why? Nathan’s site posts self-published book covers from various authors that are not what most professional designers would consider… er, well……

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Jun 7

Mental Residue - Balticon 48 Panel: Podcasting 101

Mental Residue – Balticon 48 Panel: Podcasting 101

Featuring: Hugh O’Donnell (Moderator), Christopher Morse, Thomas Gideon, Paul Cooley, and Scott E. Pond

Topic: Podcasting 101 - The basics of getting started; what to do, what not to do.

Play the Episode:

Download the Episode (Right Click to Save): http://scottpond.com/MentalResidue/MR_2014-05-23-A.mp3


9CBz-mqa_400x400Hugh O’Donnell- Hugh O’Donnell is a writer and podcast producer living in…

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Reflections from Balticon48

Another year down, and another Balticon in the rear view mirror.

This year marks my fourth consecutive year attending Balticon, the annual 4-day Maryland regional science fiction convention, featuring over 1800 science, science fiction, and fantasy professionals, in addition to featuring programming in other areas such as anime, art, costuming, science, Podcasting and new media, gaming, and music…

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Cover Design - M. Jandreau’s “A Sour Chord”

Cover Design – M. Jandreau’s “A Sour Chord”

One of the coolest aspects of being a graphic designer and artist is being able to meet new talents and being a part of their initial steps toward fulfilling their dream of being published.

Now don’t get me wrong: I am by no means equating the visual works of art that I supply with the years of blood, sweat, and tears that new and established authors spend on getting their literary works ready…

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May 4

Paul E. Cooley’s release of THE STREET paperback

Paul E. Cooley’s release of THE STREET paperback

There are some things I’m passionate about. Paul Cooley’s THE STREET is definitely high up there among them.


What happens when your favorite childhood television characters are forced into unemployment?

What is a puppet to do when corporate America shuts down the television stations and educational shows that gave them purpose and a reason to live?

Pretty much any and every…

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May 3

Cover Design - Matt Wallace’s “Slingers” Book 3

Cover Design – Matt Wallace’s “Slingers” Book 3

SLINGERS-3-Victim-2Next week (Wednesday, May 7th to be precise) Matt Wallace is releasing Slingers: The Victim Hold, the third ebook in the five-part series about his team of futuristic gladiators and the beautiful and lethal world their sport has created.

What is Slingers?

“With the release of SLINGERS I’m trying to do two things: revive serialized storytelling in the grandest Golden Age of Pulp tradition while…

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